Pinterest. Thoughts?

Hey wonderful blog readers!

I am hoping you are still there, in spite of the fact that I’m posting so infrequently these days.

I have been asked to prepare a presentation for church (for the Relief Society birthday lunch) this Saturday. I’ve been asked to talk about Pinterest (really!)

If you’re online much then you’re likely aware of this 2 year-old website that has taken the social media world by storm, growing to more than 10 million monthly visits. You might also be aware of some controversy around the legality of pinning images and content that are copyrighted by others. As you might guess, I’m excited, but a little overwhelmed by this topic and I NEED YOUR HELP!

I would like to focus less on the social media aspect of Pinterest and much more on the visual bookmarking of great ideas. Pinterest appeals to me because it is so visual and because it is so EASY to use. I now have a fantastic way to save/bookmark inspiration and instruction for ideas and projects I want to remember. Turns out, this is why it appeals to most women. Pinterest is also distinct from other social media (ie, Twitter and Facebook) because it isn’t so much, “Look at me!” as it is “Look at This!” so there has been a shift in emphasis (at least in it’s intended use) from “Here’s how great I am” to “Wouldn’t this be great!” Frankly, rather refreshing!

I do feel like Pinterest can inspire and encourage us in creative pursuits, from gardening and home decor to party planning and holiday prep, but I worry that it might replace a true need for creative self-expression with a virtual experience that is counterfeit in it’s ability to truly nurture.

Is this making any sense?

I also really like the idea that my Pinterest account is a reflection of my personality. I suppose this is the storyteller in me, but I find that when I am feeling low, I can hop on my boards and sort of “reconnect” to things that fill my bucket and give me energy. I can walk away motivated to get my work done, so I can play and create something fun.

Anyway, I’m interested to know how you are using Pinterest and if you have ideas or advice that I can share in my presentation. Feel free to share any thoughts, feelings, recommendations you have, or respond to one or more of these questions …

1. Why are YOU using Pinterest?

2. What do you LOVE most about Pinterest?

3. What are your TOP 3 most populated boards or areas of interest. In other words, what are you most interested in bookmarking?

4. How much pinning vs. re-pinning are you doing? In other words, do you pin ideas/projects that you find else where on the web, or are you mostly finding ideas and information on Pinterest and then re-pinning those ideas to your account/boards.

5. Have you implemented any idea(s) from Pinterest or completed a project(s) that you found via Pinterest?

6. How are you guarding your time, so that you don’t lose productive time to passive browsing?

AND … if you don’t know much about Pinterest, I thought Katie (over at The Daily Digi) did a wonderful job with this tutorial. You can also learn about Pinterest HERE. If you don’t yet have a Pinterest account and would like an invite, feel free to email me and I’ll send you an invitation.

Thanks for your help!

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