It’s December ONE?

Hello blogland — how are you?

I’m quite well. In fact, as you can see I’m wearing regular socks on both feet. This is good. I have removed the outer surgical stocking and replaced it with one of my own and it’s bringing me a surprising sense of well-being.

Addie interrupted my bath this morning. Note: I’m on day 11 of no showers (ah, the simple joys!) Anyway, I’ve mastered the task of every-other-day bathing without my right foot. I leave it perched just outside the bathtub. Addie is quite often my audience for this awkward ritual and today as I dunked my head to shampoo my hair she said, “Mom you’re really good at plugging your nose.” She’s right! I am really good at plugging my nose. It’s interesting that we grow and develop and master so many things and then sadly lose the sense of wonder and accomplishment as these tasks become second nature!

So, this is your assignment today.

Make a list as you go through the day, of things YOU are really good at. Write down things that if viewed through the eyes of a child would be outstanding and impressive accomplishments. I bet by the end of the day you’ll be feeling really good about yourself. Just think: You can dress yourself, pour your own milk (hey, the carton is heavy!), operate a washing machine and a dryer. I bet you could fold towels in your sleep! You can drive and type and send text messages and tie your shoes and see, the list will go on and on …

December ONE kind of snuck up on me. I mean I just had surgery, so it’s Ok that I’m a little behind. I haven’t yet made my December “List” project that I use to track all of the things I hope to do in the next 24 days, but there are bins with cheery holiday decor stacked all over my house and my husband is off and willing to hang lights on the tree! I’m working feverishly on my BPC workshop, Twelve. and grow more and more excited every day. I sincerely hope you’ll consider taking this “journey to inspired scrapbooking” with me — and yes, I will eventually blog more about it. There are SO MANY great classes available right now, it’s rather exciting — you should probably ask for a BPC gift certificate for your Christmas stocking.

You might be interested to know that I’m doing a 9-day cleanse using Isagenix products. My friend and yoga instructor, Barb talked me into this. I’ve been pretty discouraged about my weight and so I’m going to give this a go before the holiday “graze” sets in. I’ll keep you posted — so far, so good! My goal is truly to cleanse –give my body a break and feel clean. I’m basically getting ready for a strong start with Move More, Eat Well with Miss Cathy!

I used to do a Twelve Days of Christmas thing where I posted FUN gift ideas. Not sure I can pull that off this year, but I can share a couple of items that have caught my attention. I will of course post my Friday FIVES, so you’ll get some good gift-giving help (as long as you’re NOT the kind that is already done!)

I absolutely ADORE the MoMA Design Store catalog and website. It is chock full of colorful, useful and unusual gift ideas. Some are a bit pricey, but many are not. Take for instance the FUN Jumping Point calendar for 2012. This would be a perfect way to track your commitment to either Cathy’s class or mine — or any other effort you’ll be making in 2012. You simply poke out the circle each day and reveal lots of yummy, motivating color!

Since most of my immediate family does NOT read my blog, I think I’m OK posting this Colorku Game board. The marbles may prove a bother, but I’m planning on displaying this as fun-ctional decor on our game table downstairs! I LOVE it.

And trust me, there are MANY, MANY more wonderful ideas for your browsing pleasure. Click HERE.

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