Sprinkle No. 19

What if you were a person completely and totally motivated by LOVE?

Love red-cupidLove

  1. How would you greet your children (spouse) in the morning? After school?
  2. How would you listen to friends (co-workers) when they talk to you?
  3. How would you view other people (drivers, shoppers, etc.) that cross your path?

Your *sprinkle* for this week leading up to Valentine’s Day is to increase the LOVE in your heart, by demonstrating more LOVE in  simple, everyday interactions with others. Yes, you’ve likely got a few cards and gifts to get and send. Perhaps a party to plan or cupcakes to buy. In the midst of all of that, examine your ‘real’ heart and see if you can be your own kind of cupid —  send people on their way with a greater chance of falling in love with their life.

When you meet with success, tell me about it!

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