giving away things …

makes me happy.
So, I’m happy to say that Amy (who commented on June, 29th) is going to get a copy of the summer issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine.

Amy’s comment:
OK…Stacy…I have to make a confession right here on your blog. Ready? i am a magazine-a-holic! I love them! I read them like other people read dirty novels. They get leafed through and loved and although I love all magazines…SCRAPBOOK MAGS ARE MY FAVORITE!!!! So…at the risk of sounding pathetic…I never win anything…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!!! :) That’s all. Thank you!

Amy, email me ( with your snail mail address!

I think one of the reasons that most of YOU (my blog readers) are not familiar with this magazine is because it is published in Canada. It is also distributed (primarily) through retail stores. This is fact is one of the reasons I’m so fond of them–Catherine (the publisher) and her team have a really innovative and relevant model, especially in our current economy. Retail stores give out copies of Scrapbook & Cards Today FREE (generally with a purchase.) This is a total WIN.WIN for retailers and consumers.

This comment from Donna, explains:

I love this magazine! each time it comes out, the local scrapbook store gives away free copies with a purchase! i was just heading out this evening to grab some stash and my free copy! love love love it! i can hardly wait to see your project. Thanks for being such a huge colourful fun inspiration!

And this one too, from Mary (a retailer in Canada)
Yup this is one of my favourite magazines!!!! I am a retailer in Alberta, Canada and I love that as a advertiser I get a box of magazines to hand out FREE to my customers. I think the content is current and creative using industry leaders as well as some not so known companies. They let us, the retailer know ahead of time what their themes and the companies they are featuring to be able to order in what they are talking about for our customers. Because of this we carry some fab lines that are not found absolutely everywhere. All scrapbookers and cardmakers are amazing but this Canadian team rocks! I am so proud of Catherine and her team. Anyone who comes my way in Olds Alberta can pick up there own copy!

This not-so-little-anymore boy also makes me very happy.
I was purging and sorting photos this week, when this caught me eye.

Trey came downstairs on the last day of school wearing his Sunday suit and flip flops. He is his own man (for sure.)

p.s. I only have two more days over at Write. Click. Scrapbook. Today, I’m sharing a 4×6 flip-book dedicated to everyday reading in our home.

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