Nancy’s House.


Inspiration source

I love and use bright, saturated colors in my home and holiday decor, but my friend Nancy’s house is a gorgeous mix of muted tones stemming from traditional reds and greens. She uses LOTS of white and there are but a few touches of darker, richer tones that punctuate her Christmas decor. Whenever I visit I want to curl up on her sofa and let it all soak in.

This subtle pastel palette feels restful, like Nancy’s house because although it features two neutrals, two reds and a green, there is very little contrast between these colors. Each is toned way down and muted with a cast of gray.

Challenge: Pull out some older Christmas photos that are faded. Use just cardstock in these colors and then add only one embellishment to keep your page clean, simple and focused on the photo(s).

Even Better: Use ink or paint on edges of paper strips and photo mats to add a vintage feel that will harmonize with older photos.

Don’t forget you can post your creation in our I Love Color Flickr group.

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