the cutest thing + a good movie

So, my presentation yesterday went very well. I so enjoyed being a part of the youth leadership summit and being greeted by hundreds of high school kids dressed like professionals and eager to learn. I attended two of the break out sessions and they were so interesting. I spent the afternoon running errands that I skipped on Monday morning and after dinner I realized I was exhausted. I told Geoff I wanted to go get a “chick flick” and watch it with the family, so he took me to Blockbuster.


When we got home, Trey and Taft had created the Julian Film Theater. Taft was sitting at the top of the stairs “selling” little paper tickets, this sign was posted just inside the stair well and Trey was standing at the bottom of the stairs taking tickets.

OK, that is the cutest thing ever!

My ‘chick flick’ was a film called Gifted Hands, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and it was REALLY good. It is the story neurosurgeon, Ben Carson.  In the September of 1987 Dr. Carson performed a procedure to separate a pair of seven-month-old German conjoined twins, who were joined at the head. Carson was the lead surgeon on the team which performed the complex procedure.

This is an excellent “movie night” rent — so inspiration for kids and adults.

I’ve linked Ben’s name above to his wiki page. Take a few minutes and read about him — good stuff.
Here’s the trailor on YouTube …

I’m back in the saddle today, with LOTS of work to do. Hoping to get some “creative” work done too.

Life is good.


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