Sprinkle No.1

As it says on the sidebar under “Welcome to Sprinkles” I am going to post a new *sprinkle* every Monday morning  to add to your weekly and often wishful list of things to do. I need you to know however that sprinkles are not intended to become “one more thing to cross off that sometimes overwhelming list.” As women we generally have too many things to do and hence little time to just step back and think or reflect or ponder life and it’s goodness. So, pretty please don’t assign a deadline to a *sprinkle* or make it an urgency or attach a priority ranking to it. Please know that it is simply an opportunity that you can tuck away for a spare moment when you are waiting in line or in traffic. Something that you can plant in that amazing multi-tasking brain of yours to pull out at lunch or the dentist office. A *sprinkle* may or may not require some kind of physical action … if so, it will NOT take more than a few minutes to prepare or complete.  My hope is that the weekly *sprinkle* will become a spark for following a curiosity, exploring a creative urge or seizing the chance to show interest or compassion toward another human being. My goal is to help myself and anyone else who is willing to play along, to become more aware of present moments and the absolute ease of inviting inspiration into our daily routines. My dream is to start a movement that will spread first among our circles of influence and eventually across the world. Together we can literally sprinkle the world with goodness.

Sprinkle No. 1

image source.

Visit iTunes and search “Peace Like a River.” I especially like the version by Elizabeth Mitchell, found on her You Are My Little Bird release. If  you like Elizabeth’s version too, fork over the .99 cents and put this genuine, easy-to-sing folk song on repeat until members of your family are singing along.

While your listening, allow your mind and memory to wander and to wonder about rivers and peace; oceans and love and fountains and joy.

If you’re feeling curious about the album cover art, visit Ida Pearle, at idapearle.com


If you feel so inclined, leave a comment and share what you did with this sprinkle. Remember, there is no right answer and anything goes.

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