orange + gray

card set. felt boxes. nike.

So, this post represents the third iteration of my of-late neglected i LOVE color blog.
I have not neglected this blog because I no longer love color.
I have (as you may know) been learning to be well again and I have let many things–including lots of personal projects and expectations–go. I think I’m ready to pick this project back up, but I’ll do it in a new way and at a new pace that is far more realistic for my life right now.

Here’s how this will work:
I’ll be inspired by color.
I’ll create a page.
I’ll share the color and the page with you.

If you feel inspired by the color too, you are welcome to post something you create in my i LOVE color Flickr gallery.

There aren’t any incentives outside the delight that comes from doing something you love.
I promise not to keep any kind of schedule here.
This way we can just play and have fun as we have time and the inclination to do so.

Have FUN with this combination, I did!

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