180 Days.

I’ve had LOTS and LOTS of requests to revisit the album I created for Clark during his senior year. I sincerely apologize for NOT doing this sooner! I’m actually sitting opposite Clark in the library at BYU right now, where I’m attending Parents Weekend — I get to follow him around for a couple of days. We went to statistics this morning, then found “Uncle Cougar” and went on a beautiful walk around campus. We’ve eaten lunch and now we’re putting in some time in the “hush zone” of the HBLL (campus acronym for library.) I’m not convinced Clark is actually studying, as he is wearing ear phones. He might just be watching snowboarding videos and faking me out! Anyway, I figured I could work on my CKU presentation and post to my blog!

As I sit here with Clark I realize once again how FAST time flies! I really do recommend a project like 180 Days¬† from time to time—regardless of how old your child is. Simply put, there isn’t a better way to capture his or her daily life.

If you have no idea what a 180 Days album is, click HERE and HERE to read earlier blog posts.
I haven’t yet taken all of the photos I want to, to revisit this project with you, but my latest My Craft Channel Episode features this album, so I thought I could at least direct you over there to see it in action!

Click HERE to watch!

I still have a few touches here and there that I want to add before I’ll call this a wrap! I found several bit and pieces of “senior year” when I cleaned out Clark’s room and I also want to figure out something different for the cover.

I do have images of the inside front and back covers of my *almost* completed album. If there is one thing I wish I had done differently it is to start with a nicer, higher-quality album — but in reality this one is just fine too.

Have a great weekend.
Thank you for your comments and excitement around our 4Experts line up and my class. I am really excited and now feeling the pressure of creating great content. I have the vision and ideas — now comes the work!

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