what is shoeboxing?

I’ve already introduced you to the super-cool website, called 1000Memories, but today it gets even better! They are unveiling a redesigned site, that allows you to create multiple collections (or shoeboxes) of images.

Shoeboxing then is the act of getting priceless photos out of your closets and off your computers and into nifty new (virtual) shoeboxes where you can collaborate with the people you invite to document the “rest of the story” that is so often missing.

I was invited to take the new site for a test drive, so last Friday morning, while getting kids off to school, I ran downstairs, opened my “older pictures” library in iPhoto and started uploading 300+ digital images from my mother’s McDougal family. I could NOT believe how slick the upload process was and now when I log into my account, I see …

a gorgeous display of my McDougal shoebox, which I’ve initially invited my mom and my aunt Shirley to help me with. We can each “edit” these images, adding the names, dates and details we know!

I think 1000Memories will do for photos, what Pinterest has done for ideas–simply because of the easy, visual access, the connection and the collaboration … plus, they’ve also partnered with ScanCafe to help people like us get all of our printed photos and snapshots digitized. I have TWO ScanCafe scanning kits to share. Leave me a comment before April 9th (at noon) and tell me what kind of pictures you’d like help scanning and I’ll pick two WINNERS!

If you’ve not yet created an account at 1000Memories, or downloaded the snazzy iPhone app which will easily scan (with edge recognition technology) and archive the digital images, then I invite you to take the lid off and explore …

Click here to learn about the Shoebox App!

It will be well worth your while!

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