my friend Britany …

is graduating with the Central Valley High School class of 2011.
For Britany this is particularly exciting because she is emerging from a really tough, year-long trial that forced her to withdraw from school entirely. Britany has had more medical tests done than anyone I know. It is still uncertain what exactly she is dealing with, but thanks to a very loving, dedicated mother and many health professionals, she is on the mend.

Britany’s passion is cheer leading and she has cheered since she was a young girl. Unfortunately she had to resign her post on the senior team early last fall. She was so sick that she missed the deadlines for senior pictures too. Yesterday afternoon, I took a break from my Finding Photo Freedom prep to take some fun pictures of Britany …

I like to take pictures.

But … I am NOT even close to a professional photographer.
A) I have no formal training.
B) I still don’t know how to operate my camera in manual mode. (I should take an online class, huh?)
C) There’s no way I could take the pressure.
So, I’m never super-confident that my subject is in focus or that my program mode settings are correct. All of that aside, I enjoy coming up with creative shots and I enjoy capturing someone’s personality.

I’m particularly proud of this one.
Can you see the “2011″?

This is the cute girl with CV Bear pose …

and this is the “Bring it on, I’m a brave girl” pose.

After the school shots, we drove just around the corner and found an abandoned house with ample color and texture and some *almost* golden light!

I came home with 199 images on my camera.
I uploaded them to iPhoto.
I purged and I played.
I used my little sliders and I applied a few special effects.
I was able to give Britany 64 really decent photos to enjoy and share.

Knowing what you do about my fetish for yellow and green, you might guess that this is my FAVORITE.
I think it’s pure magic.

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