Japan Remembered

In September 2009, the very talented girls behind 37 Frames took some pictures of me …

and Geoff. We traveled to Osaka to participate in CKU-Japan.

Here are some of my favorites …

We were just about to celebrate our 20th anniversary and I wanted some memorable images from this trip together.

This nice man, helped.

I can’t believe I’ve never shared these pictures on my blog.
I realized this error when I was in Hawaii and saw a tweet from Dee and Trace. If I remember right, they mentioned photos of the clean up in and around Sendai. I tried to read their blog post on my phone, but that was frustrating.

After I returned home and got caught up, I finally sat down and …

and started to digest the enormity of the recovery efforts and the absolutely AMAZING job Dee and Trace are doing to document it. It’s been two months today, since the earthquake and Tsunami. Promise me you’ll remember Japan by making some time to READ THEIR BLOG. You won’t regret this. If you have children, show them these photos and explain a little bit about the devastation these events leave behind and the community of effort required to recover. Explain that through photography, we can more fully understand both.

I think because I’ve tasted of Japanese culture and experienced the graciousness of her people, I am deeply affected by these photos and the story they tell. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel through scrapbooking. I probably just need to say that out loud. It has been a true gift and blessing in my life!

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