Sprinkle No. 13

I love this time of year when we get to look back and reminisce and reflect on happy memories and everyday moments.

Your *sprinkle* this week is to select and share 12 favorite photos from the past year. To make this an exercise in intuitive creativity, you are NOT going to make this task hard. For example, you won’t make yourself pick one photo from each of the last 12 months–even though that seems like a good idea. You won’t play even-Steven and make sure all the people you love are represented in your collection. You won’t attempt to force a theme or look for a specific kind of photo. What you will do is use your kitchen timer and follow these six steps:

  1. Create a “2009 Favorites” folder on your computer.
  2. Open up your digital photo library.
  3. Set your timer for 12 minutes and hit start.
  4. Scroll quickly through your photos until an image catches your eye.
  5. Stop and save this image to your folder.
  6. Continue selecting and saving until your timer beeps.

12 memories

If you’re like me, you’ll end up with more than 12 images. When the time is up, look at your collection as a whole and quickly delete images until you have just twelve.

Now, think of a way to share them. You could …

  1. Email them to your extended family.
  2. Print them and display them on the fridge or back door.
  3. Post them to your blog or Facebook.
  4. Put them together on a scrapbook page.
  5. Use them to create a 2010 calendar.

Here are 12 photos from 2009 that I LOVE:

IMG_8227 IMG_1126

IMG_8647 IMG_9408

IMG_0156 IMG_0076

IMG_7582 IMG_6844

IMG_1223 IMG_9482 IMG_8504


2009 was a good year.
If you share your favorites online, leave me a link.

Happy New Year!


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