Friday FIVE for September 10th

Here’s list of randomness that makes me happy …


I took this picture!


My mother baked me this sugar-free blackberry pie. I still have three pieces hiding in the outside fridge — not that any of my children would actually finish eating a slice if they took the first bite — it’s tart. BUT … I love that my mom made it especially for me (and sent it home with Clark a week ago!)


The fact that my sweet Tafty still brings me flowers.


My growing collection of vintage aprons that allow me to listen to podcasts while cooking, cleaning or folding laundry.


My friend Lisa B has a new updated website. I’m always rather amazed and delighted when I hear that one of my industry colleagues is “still in the game” and having fun. Lisa’s got some cool giveaways — but I think they end today, so go now!

Even though school just started, I pulled Clark out for two days, so we could do this, with a group of 10 other people (mostly my siblings.) Since I’m the oldest sister, I get the shortest and easiest legs of the 180 mile journey through southern Utah. I have a hunch it will be really beautiful and pretty memorable!

Wish us luck!

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