Today, I will be making my partner project VIDEO segment for our upcoming BPC Pajama Party. The festivities will kick off next Thursday night, September 26th at 6:00pm PST. Yesterday, I played. I try to set aside Thursdays for my creative work and I am happy to report that yesterday, I did it. I played and I remembered WHY I LOVE scrapbooking. I love coming up with concepts or ideas for page and project themes and I have been mulling over a concept for a 3-page Project Life spread, using the Studio Calico Marks & Co Project Life kit, for a couple of weeks! By the way, you can still order this kit, HERE. Note: If you use the promo code SeptemberPJParty  when you check out at Studio Calico, you will get this (August) kit at the super-reduced rate of $10 + shipping. This is a HUGE savings, as these kits are normally sold for $24.99.

Pajama Parties are a chance for BPC to offer a FREE online/live broadcast in partnership with an industry manufacturer, so that our community can be introduced to new and awesome products. We have hosted two pajama parties and have just over 5800 people registered. I’d LOVE to see us reach the 6,000 mark by next Thursday, so I hope you’ll help me spread the word! After each Pajama Party, we send out a survey and then discuss the results. As we listen to your feedback, we are evolving our show and making tweaks and improvements. In response to an overwhelming request, our broadcast next week will be 90 minutes, instead of 60. You’ll have to tune in to see what we’re trimming back and what we’re adding. BUT, I digress (again.) Back to the results of my creative play. I thought I’d share some sneak peeks of my project and a list of things you can be doing to prepare …


This project will give you the opportunity to slow down, take stock, and be grateful, before plunging ahead into the 2013 holiday season. Sometimes we move so fast that we completely miss out on who and what is with us in the present moment. We’ll mostly be gathering and printing images that you’ve already captured, but you’ll also get to take a NEW “You are Here” photo, like the one above. Addie has recently learned how to tie, so I took her to the mall to buy her her first pair of lace-up tennis shoes. We were walking to the check-out when she turned to me and said, “Mom, you should get shoes like me, so we can match!” We left the mall and it was raining, we were running to the car until I stopped and said, “Come here. I never want to forget this day. The day we got our matching Converse” I want you to stop in the middle of a moment, like I did and take a picture of your feet. This will be your “You are Here” photo …


Once we have photos ready, we’ll assemble our 3 Project Life pages, beginning with a “title card” that uses these super-cool Kal Barteski stamps.


Page 2 provides space for 3 photos, representing the 2013 seasons that are already gone. We’ll look back at last holiday season and record what we loved, so that we can better think about what we want for this year!

Heart Tag1

And don’t worry, there will be plenty of creative touches and delightful techniques to try (or ignore) depending on your interest and style!


[edited 9/24/13] The Preparations PDF has been posted in the Pajama Party classroom! Here’s the LINK. This list of photos (and sizes) that you need to find/gather so that you can play along and make your own version of this partner project …

  • A 4×6 (horizontal) 2013 Family photo or self-portrait depending on who you are scrapbooking for.
  • Two 3×4 (vertical) photos to illustrate a this & that  ie, people, places or projects that have occupied your time and energy this year.
  • One 2×2 square photo of a “Wow!” moment or a time when you said to yourself, “Life is good.” We’ll hide this photo, so that it can surprise you later!
  • A 4×6 (horizontal) photo that you absolutely LOVE.
  • A 4×6 (horizontal) photo from the biggest or most anticipated event this year.
  • A 4×6 (horiztonal) photo representing the small, everyday moments you cherish.
  • Three 3×4 (vertical) personality photos of people you love.
  • One 3×4 (vertical) “You are Here” photo, looking down at your feet—like the one I showed above!
  • Three 4×6 (vertical) photos, one to represent each of the past three 2013 seasons: Winter, spring and summer

Prepare (gather, print) these 14 photos and you’ll be READY to party with us next Thursday night.
Oh, and you’ll need the following two Project Life page protectors …

PLDesignA PLDesign D

I hope to see YOU there!

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