Brian Andreas Poetry.

I’m rather sure I’ve expressed my fondness for Brian Andreas and his art and writing before, but one can never be sure.
If you aren’t familiar with his quirky and conversational poems. Click HERE to learn more about Story People. You can even sign up for a daily email, which I really enjoy receiving and read 98% of the time. My favorite book of Brian’s stories is called¬†Some Kind of Ride It would make a fun gift for a kindred spirit.

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I loved this “Story of the Day” …

My Grandmother kept a box of old photos in her attic & we used to go up there on rainy
days & sit on the floor in the dusty light & go through them & she would tell about witches & broken
hearts & how we came from royal blood & it was all there in the pictures, she said & then we’d lose the
light & we’d all go downstairs for dinner & in our secrets hearts we sat taller knowing once we had
ruled the world.

Speaks to the power of photos and stories passed down, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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