i love ribbon.

Image from stranodesigns.com

Seriously, is there anything better than pretty ribbon? Take few minutes this week to sift through your collection. Find something  with at least 3 colors in it and let it inspire an entire page or project. If you love the colors in your ribbon, you will love the colors on your layout as well!

Challenge: Start with some ribbon, then pull one sheet of cardstock for each color in the ribbon. Pay attention to the proportion of color and keep it simple.

Even Better: Frame your focal point photo with your ribbon!


As a purely-for-FUN gift-giving BONUS, I thought I’d share these over-the-top adorable mini cupcake liners. A colorful stack of these with a box of cake mix all wrapped up cute would make a memorable teacher or neighbor gift.¬†


Can you imagine the sheer cuteness of it all? See these and much more at Bake It Pretty.


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