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Thanks for all the great comments and event feedback yesterday. I adore the fact that I can ask question and get answers and insight and help so easily–LOVE my blog readers! Cheri A is my WINNER from yesterday, with this thought: I’ve been to one CKU, a slew of weekend crop retreats and an even bigger slew of day crops. What I love the most is LAUGHTER. Honestly, I laugh more at these events in one weekend than in a month or two of day to day life. When you are up late at night trying to finish a layout or project, it’s amazing how silly we ladies can get and how the mere mention of “washi tape” can bring on giggles and fits of laughter. The scrapbooking is great and I love the creativity and seeing what others are doing, but it is the camaraderie that really makes it special!

My Hawaii TWO-O giveaway is a copy of Gretchen Rubin’s NEW Book, Happier At Home.

I think it would make great vacation reading!
To make yourself eligible to WIN, leave me a comment and answer the question: Which companies (think BIG and small and inside and outside our industry) would you like to see sponsor BPC events? I’d love to hear from your perspective about the importance of inviting and securing the right kind of sponsorships and what difference good sponsors make to attendees!

And, since we’re talking sponsors. I want to give a BIG shout out to the two sponsors already on board for 12/12/12 …

We are so excited to be working with both Sn@p by Simple Stories and
Paper Coterie!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts …

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