Ode to Becky.

So … here we are, back in maybe 1998?? I had just published my first little book, Core Composition and was invited to present at a small (but fun) event in Las Vegas. I attended with my good friend Kris Parkin and her niece (if I remember right) Jen. Becky Higgins, creative editor from Creating Keepsakes was there and we got to hang out (I felt so cool) and I was really impressed with how nice and totally normal she was.

After ice cream, I somehow got invited up to Becky’s room — where as you can see, we had a good time in the FANCY bathtub. Yes, I know how that sounds!

Note: Previous to this event, I had been invited to Barbara Tanner’s house (first ad rep for CK) to make some layouts — this was long before anyone got paid for submissions. We simply worked for FUN and for the chance to use FREE product from Hot Off the Press and Fiskars (enough said.) After about an hour of scrapbooking, Becky arrived and Lisa introduced her to everyone. Again, if I remember correctly … she was working on a column all about creating borders or mats for your photos (with punches and the like.) I was sitting at the far table, so I just listened to the chatter and felt extremely grateful to be in the same room as Lisa and Becky! It was after this crop, that I was asked to submit my first article to Creating Keepsakes– I was SO excited. If you have back issues, you might look in Jan/Feb 1998. I know. That’s a long time ago.

Fast forward to today. Becky is now an icon in our industry. She has single-handedly changed the way thousands upon thousands of women document their life with Project Life. She has literally extended the joy of taking and living with your pictures to people who don’t view themselves as creative or simply don’t enjoy the messy, creative process of making pages. Becky has taken away every barrier–even running out of adhesive doesn’t give you an excuse to NOT put pictures you love in an album for the people you love. And this is what else I know about Becky. She is REAL. She does not profess to be a super-woman, but she does feel passionately about the importance of documenting everyday life and she makes this, along with her family a top priority. She leads by example and that is 100% refreshing. All of this is (of course) to say that I am absolutely THRILLED that registration for Becky’s Project Real Life is NOW OPEN. Ever since launching Big Picture Classes, I’ve hoped to someday convince (and that is a carefully chosen word) Becky to come teach for us and my dream is now a reality. The last thing I will say is that I know something of the challenge it has been for Becky to make time for this class and as I have reviewed her content I am truly amazed at her ability to organize ideas and information and present it in an approachable way. This is good stuff.

I sincerely hope you will consider taking Becky’s 4Expert’s class.
You can register HERE.

I heard Becky speak at The Creative Connection last year in Minneapolis, MN when she shared her journey to Project Life and I asked if she would be willing to record an audio for that slide presentation so we could share it in her pre-classroom. As a BONUS when you sign up, you get to watch this slide show — which is truly inspiring.

If you are using and loving Project Life, you will love this chance to spend more time with Becky in Project Real Life.
If you are one (of the few) who has not yet jumped on the Project Life bandwagon, now would be a great time to START.

And, naturally I’m dying to give away ONE seat, but you’ll have to tell me about your first Becky encounter (like I did above) and I will select  a comment that makes me smile (no randomness over here!)

Have FUN.

p.s. If you have questions about Becky’s class, I would encourage you to read the Q+A posted on her blog!

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