Saturday. Checking in …

Happy Saturday!
I’m up early to work on Twelve.
Thought I’d check in to say …

1. My stitches are out.
2. I’m showering again (so wonderful!)
4. I got my hair colored (bye-bye gray!)
3. I’m still going strong on my cleanse.

I feel GREAT. I look pretty darn good and I have energy.

Today is my final Isagenix day. It is a true cleanse day. This means I don’t EAT (except for a few almonds and “snacks.”) It will be tough, but I’m really proud of myself for seeing this through. I’m not one who takes measurements or stands on the scale–but I’ve lost inches and weight (my jeans fit again) and more importantly water and fresh fruit and vegetables taste yummy! I have not had cravings (this is huge for me.) I’ll be transitioning for several days and I think I would totally do this again (maybe even in January?) I’m not a fan of pyramid-scheme marketing or any marketing that is pumped up with over-the-top testimonials and fluffy product descriptions. I read somewhere that the Isagenix chocolate snacks were rich and creamy and super-satisfying. Hello? Have you ever tasted a Godiva truffle? They might well be nutritionally sound and all, but they don’t taste amazing. The shakes are definitely just Ok. I’m missing real food, especially breakfast–but I’m a happy customer and do feel better overall.

I’ve not been successful in getting Christmas cards out (to everyone) for the last few years, so this is something that I really want to have happen this year. I’m hoping to recruit some card-stuffing and sending help this afternoon. I created and ordered a “nothing-too-fancy” card in less than 20 minutes on Tuesday night (literally in between dropping kids off and picking them back up) and they arrived YESTERDAY. That’s a pretty impressive turn-a-round! If you use and LOVE Shutterfly like I do, you can get a $10 off your next order coupon code, by simply posting the card you create to your blog and sending them the link.

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

That is exactly what I’m doing.

Ten bucks to use on picture-printing after Christmas. Love that.
Here’s hoping your Saturday is super-productive and filled with lots of people and things you LOVE.

p.s. If you like a good action/thriller and haven’t seen “The Next 3 Days” with Russell Crowe, watch it. It’s good!

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