Random + Really COOL.

So, I’ve got really GOOD news coming later today, but I’ve just got to share a few random and really cool things first …


So, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that my children get a birthday party or a date with Mom & Dad on alternate birthdays. Clark celebrated 17 yesterday and is due for a date. I’ve got a killer idea that I’ll be repeating for everyone at 17, but it won’t play out well in February, so he has to take a rain check (or rather a sun check!) No worries, he still did quite well yesterday. He came home to a fun little scavenger hunt involving 5 mini cupcakes …



Each cupcake had a sticky note ‘fill-in-the-blank’ clue attached. These clues eventually led him to his final gifts:



Final Cut Express, a membership to Izzy Video and his own URL (clarkjulian.com) — more on all this later. Clark is really passionate about video and so I’m setting him to educate himself and pursue this passion.

Last night was our annual cub scout Blue & Gold banquet. I love this event because it involves decorating cakes. I love surfing around the Internet for fun ideas and then making them happen!


We got our idea from Easy Cake Ideas and this is what Taft’s turned out to be …


We totally skipped the somewhat complicated tomato slices that you really can’t see. Taft doesn’t eat tomatoes anyway!


And here he is, winner of the “Beefiest” cake!

Really Cool

So, I need you to know that I could not do stacyjulian.com with advertisers. These advertisers (or sponsors) pay for wonderful people like Allison, Dani and Shelley — my website administrator, my graphic designer and my programmer. Time is short and I want to focus my time and energy on those things that I do really well. This means I need to be able to pay other people to help me do other things that I do not do really well. I always want to be  transparent with you, so that you understand my intentions. I want to bring you great content and I cannot do that without the help of the wonderful people and companies that believe in what I’m doing.  So … please help me welcome and thank, the following sponsors who are each relatively NEW to stacyjulian.com

Love the elements that Scrapaholic creates for my LOM system. If you are taking LOM or have in the past — you simply must check out Maegan’s  website and blog!


Nikki Sivils
Among other things, I’m particularly fond of Nikki’s Burlap Buttons — anytime someone makes me look like I spent extra time I LOVE it!


Love these super-affordable CoasterBets that Michelle creates in her Etsy shop. These are the kinds of things I purchase to replenish my color-bins!


I’ll be sharing more from other sponsors in the coming weeks. If you know a company who’s products would be a good match for the work I do and the fun and colorful things I want to have happen for our industry, email me stacy@stacyjulian.com and I’ll send them more information.

And … thanks for reading!


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