A Spring Riddle …

EDITED on Monday, June 21st
Ok, how embarrassing is this. Trey did NOT write this riddle. Carrie, a 5th grade teacher left a comment complimenting Trey on his work. I told him about it and he said, “Mom, I didn’t write this riddle. My teacher told us to write the riddle in cursive and sign our names.” I’m not sure why she asked students to sign their names?? But, this is not Trey’s original work. So sorry for the confusion.

It’s been my experience that (in general) boys are NOT that good at regularly bringing home school work to share. I think the minute it goes in the folder, desk or backpack it’s as good as forgotten. At the end of the school year, however piles and piles of paper suddenly appear and some really great work emerges.

Trey came home yesterday, shuffled through everything and shared this with me.
I think it’s really good.

Spring Riddle

All through the winter they quietly sleep.
When spring arrives, up they creep.
Slowly they poke up their heads.
They dress in bright colors, but stay in their beds.
They bend to the breeze and gather all the sunshine they please.
They drink up the water that falls from the sky, then chat contentedly as bees buzz by.

What are they?

By Trey
5th grade, Greenacres Elementary

Happy Saturday!
Spend some time enjoying flowers today.

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