My summer sanctuary.

Spring has been slow coming this year to the Northwest. But we had a gorgeous weekend. I’m going to start with this, by sharing scenes from my front porch.

My little bench and rocker were looking really faded and sad, so we repainted them a few weeks ago. I purchased two new pillows at Pier 1 and even painted the pad on my rocker (just added fabric medium to a big bottle of Delta Apple Green and applied about three coats!)

2010 is our fourth summer in this house. Each year I’ve added a few more elements (pots, tables, plants, etc..) and I’m just loving the color and light and chance to nurture flowers again. I can totally see myself as a 90 yr-old woman who tends to her flower garden every day. It brings me such peace!

I love to sit on my top step and remove the dead flowers, while I talk on my phone, or let Addie play or just do nothing.

After my walk or jog, I water and if it’s a sunny day, I move pots around so they each get a turn in the sun.

I can’t wait for the evenings to get warm, so I can sit outside and read or even work on my laptop, while kids stay up late!

I think flowers and my front porch are my summer sanctuary — and might even become a coping strategy for me. I never thought about that until I just typed it, but I like the sound of that — summer sanctuary. That’s it, I’m changing the title of this post.

There is so much that is perfect in flowers — we don’t have any trouble overlooking their flaws, because their beauty is so evident. I wonder why we aren’t more aware of the perfection and beauty in ourselves.

How about the next chance you get, you sit with some flowers and contemplate on all the perfect things in your life. Decide to ignore the imperfections for 10 minutes and just contemplate the perfection. I bet you walk away feeling more beautiful.


And, you should know that I feel like shouting this from my rooftop. This is because I am officially on the mend. I experienced a remarkable and very  personal tender mercy yesterday and I feel like a new person.

Happy, Happy Monday!

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