Sprinkles are such little things, yet when you shake a few sprinkles on top of something ordinary it becomes instantly special. When you learn to follow your curiosities, practice daily creativity, and treat people with unexpected compassion, you discover a greater degree of consciousness that makes life surprisingly delightful and fun. These posts share ways in which you can figuratively add sprinkles to your life! Listen to the sprinkles story.

Weekend + Sprinkles.

We enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Seattle this weekend, to see the musical Wicked. It was AMAZING. We were lucky to have really good seats and frankly, that makes all the difference. We also took in a couple sessions of the LDS general conference and visited with my parents and our Bissinden cousins. What should have been a 4-hour car ride home turned into 7, when we discovered that I-90 had been shut down due to high winds and near zero visibility. It all turned out fine, we slept and read and I got to snuggle in the back seat with Trey and Taft. We arrived home safe and sound.

My mom and dad are serving a local mission to help provide support and connection to college students attending Bellevue Community College. They are working with what is called the LDS institute program and they host a weekly lunch on Fridays. Students are able to walk across the street from BCC and get a hot lunch and some downtime among friends. Mom shared a fun story with me while I visited with her this weekend.


Last Friday they served ice cream sundaes for dessert after lunch. Most of the students had come through the line to make their sundae and were eating and mingling, when one girl reached the end of the sundae line and asked if by chance there were any  sprinkles. Curious, my mom asked why she wanted sprinkles and the girl responded, “They make me happy!” Two other students overheard this exchanged and chimed in, “We’d like some sprinkles too!” As it turns out there were two bottles of sprinkles in the Institute building’s kitchen and they were quickly retrieved and enjoyed.

Mom said she asked the girl a few minutes later if she was by chance a scrapbooker and she responded, “I’ve done a little, why do you ask?”

“I just wondered, my daughter teaches scrapbooking and she loves sprinkles too!”

… and indeed I do–I love that this girl asked for sprinkles. Sometimes we go through life assuming that if we don’t see whatever it is we want or need, it’s not there, when in reality you just need to ask. Sometimes, often it really is that easy. Just ask.

I hope you’ll visit the *sprinkles* page today, because our first sprinkle has been posted. If you haven’t already, take a few minutes (eight to be exact) and listen to my sprinkles story. It will help you better understand my fascination and obsession with this colorful confectionery.

If you don’t yet have sprinkles at your house, add them to your shopping list, start using them and see if they don’t make life a little more fun.


To buy sprinkles online, visit cheftools.com and search sprinkles or decorating sugar.
To really stock up or buy enough for you and the whole neighborhood, go here.


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