Introducing …

Dance of the Eagles.
A water ballet (of sorts.)

We’ve spent the whole day together.
Ate pancakes for breakfast.
Got a new family picture taken.
Went for a nice long hike (at least long for my crew.)
Did some back-to-school shopping at Ross.
and Lunched at Panda Express.

Then, Geoff, Chase and Addie went one way to shop for a new mattress and Clark, Trey, Taft and I stopped by Value Village and Goodwill to peruse their T-shirt selections. Finished it all off with some FroYo (we have TWO new locations for frozen yogurt) and returned home to hang out, as pictured above.

I will miss Summer.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to comment and share your experiences.
I appreciate your support.

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