If you think I can’t keep up with my life right now or that I’m still reeling with the intense emotion and sense of loss that results from leaving your child at college, then you are right. I’m exhausted, totally overwhelmed and borderline depressed. My heart is nearly broken (even though I’m super grateful Clark is where he is and that he is doing well) And … I’d like to break my extended absence with a few observations …

1. Moms need Saturdays.
I’m writing this post in the van as we drive to Seattle. Hopefully, I will post it from my parents’ house. We are getting up early in the morning to catch a hydro-plane to Victoria, BC. I’m excited, but this will be my 4th scheduled weekend. June 10th was graduation with family in town and then we left to take Clark to BYU. We returned late on Saturday the 18th. Last weekend was our stake “overnight” youth conference, where girls kept me up until 4:00 a.m. and now we’re headed out again. I’m getting too old to keep this kind of a schedule and it seriously takes all day Monday to recover from these weekend events!

2. I’m CRAZY to teach a 10-week course during the summer.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely enjoying this session of Finding Photo Freedom, but I’m barely (as in barely, barely) keeping up. Thankfully I have some AMAZING coaches that know the Library of Memories system better than I do! I hope everyone who wanted a run at this during the summer is enrolled, because the 2013 session will definitely be a winter class!

3. My ONE rule of summer is working.
I knew mid May that there wasn’t going to be an ingenious plan for summer, so I devised ONE simple rule. There is no TV or electronics in our house until ONE in the afternoon. I like it and I think my kids like it too! This insures several hours of quiet, imaginative play and time for chores, piano playing and reading. The really cool thing is that by 1:00 pm many days my kids are already engaged with a friend or games/activities outside, so they don’t come in to  “plug in” until much later!

Addie’s birthday is Friday.
She will be FIVE years old.

While I was still waiting for her to arrive I started keeping this journal for her.
I contains her story and every year around her birthday I add an entry.

Luckily, I was looking for my passport earlier today and opened the drawer where I keep this. I’m so happy I have it with me and will be able to sit in a quiet, relaxing place to reflect and write an update about the blessing and adventure that is our little Korean princess.

I took the photos of this book shortly after I participated in a discussion about adoption on the Paperclipping Roundtable (speaking of the PRT, click on the link to listen to last week’s episode, it was a great conversation!) Anyway, I’ve had these pictures of Addie’s journal in my DropBox for a long time — how fortuitous!

We have a birthday tradition that every other year you get a date with Mom and Dad, so Addie’s first birthday date is this weekend … she seems so big (and even tall) and very talkative lately. After 2 weekends away, I’m so looking forward to focusing on my littlest one!

Thanks for your patience with my real-life and my real-life blog!

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