Q+A (where to find photo albums)

Tuesdays are busy. I like Tuesdays — I generally feel productive and I get to connect with BPS teachers (which I love.) But … if I don’t have a blog post written, it seems to move farther and father down my daily list of things to do. My plan is to use Tuesdays to do either a Q+A or Talk 2 Me.

To avoid NOT posting at all today, here’s a quickie Q+A

Q: I have been looking high and low for a 2 up album to use for scrapbooking. All the ones I am finding have the journaling strip down the side. My friend and I have searched almost every store in our town. I saw your green Puerto Rico scrapbook — where do you find the books you use?
Thank you very much (Beth )


A: The album I used for my Puerto Rico album is definitely a favorite of mine.


It comes it LOTS of colors. Here’s the link at Scrapbook.com

Otherwise, I just keep my eyes open when I shop Target, Walmart, Walgreens or discount stores like Kohls, Ross and TJ Maxx.

Just yesterday morning, I had a list of things to get at Target (primarily some new clothes for Addie, a few new fall shirts for me, some Halloween candy for FHE and my favorite nut mix) I had a 10:00 a.m. meeting and I dropped Addie off at preschool at 9:00. In other words, I shopped fast!

BUT … I ALWAYS make a quick stroll down the photo albums aisle just to see what jumps out at me.

photo albums

Hello? Just about the CUTEST photo albums I’ve ever seen. These are filled with white pages — no journaling strips, no stupid lines, no extra spaces — just pure unadulterated photo sleeves waiting to be altered by me.

So .. IF you have access to a Target, please go purchase a one-up and a two-up.  We (me + blog readers who want to) are going to be doing something FUN with both of these very soon.

I can’t wait.


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