five little pumpkins


Image from Family Fun magazine

Ahh …  orange + black. Typical Halloween colors!  Let’s do something atypical, shall we? Close your eyes for 30 seconds and summon happy memories of Halloween as a child. Now, go find a (one) photo that you could use to represent these memories and take my challenge below.

Challenge: I challenge you to create a layout titled  “Five Little Halloween Memories”. Use any colors you want, except orange + black, but include five little pumpkins (think punches or stickers) as bullet points on your page — list the recollections that came to mind. These can be moments from specific occasions, traditions or family rituals or just general feelings associated with Halloween.

Even Better: Of course there’s more … to further FREE yourself from typical color associations. I hereby challenge you to use the combination below on a layout that is NOT about Halloween, or even fall.


As a BONUS this week, I’ve created a Flickr group and gallery for pages and projects inspired by the color combinations I post here each Friday. If you create anything inspired by colors on the I Love Color page –OR– you take any of the challenges I issue here, please consider posting your efforts in the I Love Color Flickr group for all to see!

p.s. The “five little pumpkins” song is one of my happy Halloween recollections. I think I probably learned this little ditty in the 3rd grade. I have never forgotten it and I always sing it with my kids.


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