Advent List + the FUTURE of print (amazing.)

I’ve had a handful of emails asking what kinds of activities I’ve assigned to my little activity Advent on a ring thing.


Here’s my list:

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree.
  2. Drink milk or cocoa + Christmas creamer & read a story
  3. Go to the Liberty Lake Tree Lighting  (Polar Express is on TV @8:30) TONIGHT!
  4. (Find) Christmas pillow cases. Pillows + Popcorn (Movie Night: Watch Olive, The Other Reindeer)
  5. Trey + Taft to Annette’s Christmas watercolor workshop @10:00 (mom + others finish decorating)
  6. Make gift tags (with stickers from Walmart) and help mom with cards.
  7. Play Christmas trivia (from Walmart) for FHE
  8. Read stack of favorite Christmas books (while sucking on a Candy Cane)
  9. Watch ABC family (Santa Claus in Coming to Town @8:00)
  10. Decorate the kitchen tree (Doodlebug tree — here’s the LINK)
  11. Take silly Santa hat pictures + ENT Christmas party
  12. Lunch at the mall and a matinee (Blind Side or Fantastic Mr. Fox?)
  13. Ping pong tournament with prizes (Adkins coming to dinner)
  14. Decorate a gingerbread house after school with the Walters (Take to some friends)
  15. Go to Taft’s concert (and stop for a DQ)
  16. (Costco) d/o food drive + DING. DONG. DITCH.
  17. Scribbles dessert night w/ Addie + Opening night of the play
  18. Go see Clark + Trey in the A Rented Christmas
  19. Go to the PLAY (matinee) and go shopping.
  20. Decorate cookies with the Oviatts
  21. Neighborhood cookie party!
  22. Wrap and deliver secret Santa
  23. Deliver neighbor gifts + spray snow on windows
  24. Celebrate Christmas Eve with Gummersalls (caroling at the hospital + nativity)

Some of these are special and kind of involved (I’m baking a real gingerbread house) and others, like shopping at Costco for the food drive or taking pictures in our Santa hats take less planning — I like to mix things up.

A friend on Twitter said that her kids were very underwhelmed with the Dec. 1st activity. My response — kids are so used to being overstimulated and entertained — too bad. My kids try to complain too on some of the more ‘mundane’ days. I tell them “Are you kidding me? Last time I checked I wasn’t wearing a cruise director name tag — I am your mom, who loves you very much, but guess what? Things are just about as FUN as you decide to make them. Generally some version of this oft-repeated speech pulls them out of their entitled funk and we move on to a more  pleasant place.

OK, about the future. You have to watch this video. Kayla (genius behind Digiscrap101 and my digital trainer for Library of Memories) sent me the link.

Living Magazine Cover & Spread – Outside Magazine from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

Imagine “print” possibilities in our children’s world!

Here’s the cover of Esquire (75th anniversary issue, back in 2008)



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