Today … for Thursday, November 4th

Today … I went to yoga at 5:30 am. It’s been a LONG time since I have done this, but my most favorite teacher in the world just opened her own studio at the bottom of my hill (can you believe it?) I’ll be blogging more about this later for my Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake friends.

Today … I am packing to go on my cruise. So far, my swimming suit and my flip flops are inside.

Today … I talked my mom through a detailed calendar for next week. I’m trying to help her anticipate the chaos that is often our household.

Today … I am running serious errands.

Today … I am meeting with Chase’s high school counselor and teachers. I am looking forward to this meeting because he is doing so well!

Today … I am getting a pedicure.

Today … I am also getting a spray tan, so I won’t scare people on my cruise!

Today … The following workshops opened at Big Picture Classes (So Exciting!)

Decorate Life with Darci Dowdle.

Picture Winter with Tracey Clark.

Wellness Journey (updated) with Lisa Cohen.

Yesterday + Today with Ali Edwards.
btw … it’s Ali’s birthday. Happy Birthday friend!

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