Happy 4th of July …

Made puff pancakes with whip cream and sprinkles after which Trey led us in the Pledge of Allegiance on the front lawn. Did some chores and then rode our bikes to the festivities in Liberty Lake. I’m now enjoying a quiet  moment on my summer porch and I thought I’d post some highlights from our weekend away.

First up … absolutely amazing flowers at Butchart Gardens! Geoff is becoming a perennial expert. If he isn’t hanging out or working in our yard, he is reading his flower catalogs and dreaming about what to purchase next. It was such a treat to walk around Butchart Gardens with him. I took over 250 pictures and got some pretty cool shots from some very interesting angles.

Second … a delightfully fun and patriotic birthday experience for Addie in Victoria, BC. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I didn’t realize we would be in Canada on Canada Day — but I’m SO HAPPY we got to witness the celebration, which included a living flag (see below), lots of music and food and friendly people, everywhere!

This is an image from 2010, but I’m sure it looked very similar (if you were a bird) on Friday. From the ground, it was a very impressive number of people, milling around in red and white T-shirts!

This post wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our delicious breakfast Friday morning. If you ever get a chance to eat at West Coast Waffles, do it! There are 3 batters to choose from (including a gluten-free spelt and rolled oats batter) and the variety of toppings works for every meal of the day — something you have to see to believe! We stuck to the traditional breakfast favorites and they were crazy good!

And finally … this little girl’s birthday present!
We got back to Seattle on Friday night and Addie got her ears pierced Saturday! She has been asking about a bra and earrings since she could form words. I explain (almost daily) that the bra is something she will just have to wait for and at first I told her she would have to be much older for earrings too, then I changed my mind. We watched a couple of videos on YouTube, so she knew what to expect — Grandma and I took her to Claire’s and they did a wonderful job. She is beyond thrilled and stops multiple times a day to admire herself in our hallway mirror — she chose the purple ones (February birthstone.)

Thought I’d better close with this picture of Grandma and Grandpa — simply because they look GREAT! They’re pretty awesome hosts — we show up and find clean beds, yummy food and great company. Thanks for joining us on our adventure to Victoria. We are so blessed by your examples and generosity — wish we could have stayed longer, but we’re (I’m) very happy to be home for ten days before heading out again! I’m cleaning corners of my house that haven’t been cleaned in a LONG time; I’m starting to tackle my email and I might even get to the bottom of the pile on my desk  — but then, I’m having a really good time on the porch too!

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