Studio 5 + Photo Freedom

Since I’m in Utah this week I get to be a guest on Studio 5 …

If you don’t live in Utah and you want to watch, KSL will stream the episode on their website.

My message (of course) hasn’t changed. …
Scrapbooking is not dead.
Scrapbooking at its core is simply storytelling and it is very much alive and well.
Personally, I rejoice in the fact that technology has provided us many wonderful ways to live with our photos and tell our stories. In my opinion, the pressure to keep up or catch up or do or put anything is order is long gone. Old ideas and paradigms are dead (thankfully) but we have both traditional and digital methods of selecting and combining and celebrating a small percentage of our pictures and that is very, very exciting and perhaps more important than it’s ever been!

Now might be a good time to remind you that  BPC  has partnered with Echo Park Paper Co. to help spread my Photo Freedom philosophy and help simplify the creative process from time to time. As you know, Echo Park designs and manufactures incredible products and they now have a Photo Freedom line. While I don’t contribute in any way to the ideation behind these products, I can get behind them and teach with them. We’ll be sharing much more about this partnership in the coming months, as this new product hits retail stores, but if you’re interested now, you can learn more at

AND, more good news …

My book Photo Freedom is now available as an eBook!

This has been a long time coming, so thank YOU for your patience. I have a handful of wonderful blog readers/students that email me two or three times a year just to remind me that I’ve promised this book in electronic format, and I am thrilled that it is FINALLY here.

The timing is perfect too, because registration for the next session of Finding Photo Freedom, where I teach (at BPC) my Library of Memories system is just around the corner—mid December!

Good stuff happening!

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