brown baggin’ it.

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Doesn’t a light lunch and a long walk sound good on the day (and week) after Thanksgiving? Here is a great example of using a pattern (think patterned papers) to dictate your color scheme.  Choose one color to use as dominant color, one or two as secondary colors and smaller portions of other colors as accents in your pallette.  Don’t worry too much about the colors matching your inspiration exactly. Close is good enough!

Challenge: Chocolate brown is a such wonderful neutral for scrapbooking. Start with chocolate brown and create a card or page with supporting colors pulled from your favorite polka dots.

Even Better: Try using one of the pop colors (red or violet) to create emphasis for a focal point photo or your title — whichever element you most want to pop!

Don’t forget you can post your creation in our I Love Color Flickr group.



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