Friday FIVE for December 10th

You might think that my Friday FIVE for today should be geared toward gift giving or holiday prep. And while I too miss my annual 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas, that cannot be my focus this year. What I am trying to do is maintain (through December) the health I’ve recently reclaimed. With that in mind, my FIVE items today are things that are helping me do this.


Read these paragraphs from my book at least once a week:

“We in our modern life are exposed to unrelenting stress over a long span of years. We’re constantly overworked, overwired, overmedicated, and undernourished, and exposed to an allergic and chemical cocktail of environmental toxins. We live in a technology- and media-saturated age that keeps up perpetually stimulated. All of this along with our personal emotional challenges, creates a huge demand on the adrenal glands …

Regardless of what our go-go culture tells you, it is not natural or healthy to be on the run all the time. Look around you at the natural world–all living things need to rest and activity in equal measure to thrive.”

Each time I read this I find I do a better job at remembering my need to cultivate balance. Specifically, I find that laying down (on my bed) for 15 minutes sometime between 3:00pm and 5:00pm does wonders for helping me sustain energy and a positive outlook through the early-evening madness.


Eat LOTS of brown rice.

I don’t care who you are or what your health concerns are. Brown rice ROCKS. It helps lower blood sugar and it is completely satisfying. About once a week or so, I make a big batch in my rice cooker and then store it in small containers in my outside fridge. Either for breakfast or lunch, I dump out a container, add a teaspoon of good Omega-3 oil (like Flaxseed) and heat it up in my microwave. I then toss in some sunflower seeds and chopped avocado, tomato, cucumber or a soft-boiled egg.

I cannot even say how good this makes my body feel. I have always strived to eat a healthy breakfast. For years, I’ve been a granola-and-banana-for-breakfast girl, but I’ve found that I am much more satisfied with brown rice!


Drink Silk Milk.

You should have seen me the day I figured out that Silk was “S” for Soy + “ilk” for Milk. I know I’m silly, but I was dancing around my kitchen singing a made up “S+ilk = silk, smooth and yummy for me” song. This is because I have ALWAYS loved MILK (as in drink it three times a day and miss it when I travel) but I discovered this past year that my body is happier when I don’t drink it every day. My solution is Silk and I LOVE it.

The chocolate Silk goes a long way towards satisfying a craving  for sweet after dinner too!


Let Go Of What You Think You Know.

This is a biggie.
I have to practice it every single day.
It obviously means different things for different people.

For me it means that the routines that worked for me five years ago (or even two years ago) don’t have to work for me today. It means it’s OK to remain un-showered until noon–or later. It means it’s good to exercise in the afternoons or evenings sometimes. It means you shouldn’t always make a list. It means that some days you should pray to know how best to use the limited time you have and then just do what you do, trusting you will do what really needs to get done!

btw, you can purchase this poster HERE.


Clean something.

I’m serious. And yes, I know you already do this everyday.
But … I’m talking about something little, something that you’ve walked by a hundred times and thought, “I should clean that.”
I’m talking about the window panes in your French doors, or the glove compartment, or the bathroom cupboard, or the sink in the laundry room. I’m talking about the shelf at the top of your linen closet or the baseboards in the toy room.

Don’t get carried away and do a bunch of cleaning, just clean one little thing every day. It will take less than 10 minutes most days and it will give you a small, but keen sense of accomplishment–it will remind you that you do have time to do the little things (every day!)

And there you have it, FIVE of the things I’m doing in my life to stay well.
and No, my house is not fully decorated for Christmas.
I’m getting there and I’m being a happy mommy while I do it.

Thank you again for all your comments and emails.
Have a great weekend!

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