Friday FIVE for August 31st, 2012

Wow. What a CRAZY two weeks!
I’ve started this blog post numerous times but am invariably interrupted or diverted to another more urgent opportunity or need. I am so grateful for your patience and appreciative of your kind words and sympathies in regards to losing my Aunt Shirley. Thank YOU.

After four days of steady work and school shopping, I am feeling the load lift.
I think I will sleep well tonight, but I’m NOT going to bed until I post the WINNER for Becky’s Project Real Life workshop, and, here’s the deal …
I have read the comments you left. Lots and lots of comments and I simply cannot choose one. In fact, I can’t even narrow down my top five, so the only sensible thing to do is give away FIVE seats. If I wasn’t the owner of Big Picture Classes, I’d be afraid someone would fire me, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen!

I suppose in a way, this is the best kind of  Friday FIVE …

ONE: Liz

I love the way Liz uses Project Life to remind her of how good life really is, even when it isn’t!
i guess you could say the first time i ‘met’ becky was the small advertisement for the 365 kit of the month through CK. i had never heard of them before but the idea of a picture a day sounded good to me. little did i know this would literally change the way that i look at life, family, pictures, love, and documentation. i spend hours online trying to order the kit, i remember the site was slow and at one point i almost gave up. I AM SO HAPPY I DIDN’T.

since then i have picked up a photography hobby-it makes me so happy. i’m a stay at home mom that was feeling lost in my kids lives, photography has given me something to do for myself while still involving my family (unlike other hobbies-golf, fishing, ect).

i have done project life every year since then. i follow becky’s blog daily. the way that she can put thoughts, actions and feelings into words makes me think we would be friends if i lived close to her!

project life has made me realize the blessings that i have in life. when i’m down, too busy, frustrated, ect i take minute to look at my books-and i’m reminded of how lucky i am to have my life.

i found big picture classes through becky and have already taken two classes and have loved them. i would appreciate the opportunity to take another…..and will probably be signing up soon!
thank you for encouraging becky to offer this class.

TWO: Kim

I love this very fun connection that Kim shares with Becky and how she speaks of Becky’s passion.
When living in Provo, Utah my husband and I were renting a little house. We were asked by the owners to select two or three of the best potential renters to take our spot. Many people came by and submitted their information and request to rent the house. One person, in particular stood out, mostly for her handwriting on the index card she left for us. It was 1997 and it was THE Becky Higgins. I guess I can claim I’ve known her since the beginning. At the time Becky was starting out as an instructor at Provo Craft where I worked. She was teaching classes about lettering. Her handwriting was impeccable. She asked about the rental home and said she was looking for a place with at least two rooms because she wanted one for her lettering! I’ve always remembered how passionate she was about her hobby and profession. Who asks for a room for their lettering? And now I wish that I had saved that information card for her to autograph. She’s become quite the rock star and inspiration in documenting what matters most! I’m so grateful she followed her heart and shared it with so many of us!

THREE: Michelle

Anyone that writes prose like this deserves a spot in Becky’s class.
Love it!
my bad memory does not help with this one.

i wish i had an idea to make this entry fun.
i have no idea of my first encounter with becky
but i’ll comment anyway – what the hecky!

cannot remember first – but do remember last:
she is helping me to catch up really fast!
years and years and boxes of stuff
as for time – i never have enough….

five little ones are too-quickly growing
and their mom is the one in the knowing
of each of their firsts and the love that i feel….
my first with becky? our life is now real!

real in the feeling – the expressing – the story
real in the holding – the sharing – the glory!
real in time spent – in recording and giving
real in the love out of boxes – now living…….

FOUR: Sarah

Sarah’s in because I can relate to the CZ induced beverage snorting!
I have never met Stacy Julian, Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske or Becky Higgins, but I feel like they are good, dear friends that are all invited into my home and life on an almost daily basis. Whether they know it or not, they join me each morning with a cup of hot, chai tea while I sit at my iMac in my jammies (that are good until at least 2pm, I think) and see me regularly with my crazy bedhead hair and lack of makeup, but these FRIENDS don’t mind one bit. Their blogs, books and products inspire me SO MUCH! They make me laugh and cry. (Come on, admit it… Cathy Zielske has made YOU snort your drink out of your nose while reading her blog at least once. Right? I can’t possibly be alone on that.) I first knew of Becky through her sketches and articles in CK magazine. I fell IN LOVE with Project Life because for the first time IN YEARS, I could tackle some sort of scrapbooking in my busy MOM life and ABSOLUTELY LOVE that sense of accomplishment, as well as sharing these FANTASTIC albums with my family and future generations to come. I also enjoyed the “Where Women Create” edition that welcomed me into your home (Stacy) as well as Becky’s and I got to see your “happy places”. It’s nice to know that the four of you (Stacy, Ali, Cathy, and Becky) are all friends… to me, you’re like THE DREAM TEAM and I am LUCKY to have you all as my “internet friends” as well!

Thanks SO MUCH for the chance to win a spot in Becky’s new class. I’d love to continue my journey to cultivate a good life with Becky as my teacher.

FIVE: Michelle

I remember reading this story on Becky’s blog. It’s just too fun to pass up!
My one and only Becky encounter was when I opened my front door and there she was standing on my front porch! My husband was her 8,000th fan on facebook and she featured me on her blog because of it. As a surprise, she decided to visit me as part of this since she happened to sort of be in my neighborhood. Boy, what a surprise! I was going through a VERY difficult time in my life (money problems, severe depression, my grandfather dying) and she literally was a ray of sunshine at the darkest time of my life. Her kindness helped me make it through and ask for the help I needed. I will ALWAYS be indebted to her. She is the perfect example of kindness and how we should treat others. I want to be just like her!

I have added Becky’s class to Liz, Kim, Michelle, Sarah and Michelle’s BPC accounts. Thanks to all who left comments.
You can learn more about Becky’s class and register for it HERE.

ALSO … I hope you’ll take a few minutes and go subscribe to Melissa Shanhun’s Scrapbooking Inspiration podcast. You’ll find it here on iTunes.

I had the distinct delight of speaking with Melissa via Skype a week ago today. Melissa is based in Perth, Australia where she owns and operates the website Digital Scrapbooking HQ. She asked if we could chat about scrapbooking and our upcoming Big Idea Festival. I adore women like Melissa who are doing their part, in their corner of the world to inform and inspire and spread the joy of memory keeping.

Go Melissa!

Visit Digital Scrapbooking HQ by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget to REGISTER for The Big Idea Festival. Do it NOW!
Happy Friday.

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